The last few weeks have been pretty packed for me, and as a consequence it’s been a while between posts. One of the things taking up my time has been yoga. After spending a few months focussing on my studies and self practice I have started teaching again. You can read all about my classes here!

Yoga is a fairly big part of my life, yet I haven’t really spoken about it on this site. Today, I really wanted to combine my loves and talk about the relationship between yoga and nutrition, with my favourite Green Smoothie recipe thrown in at the end.

Adopting a regular yoga practice is endlessly beneficial for both body and mind, and can also positively influence how you eat. Here are my suggestions to maximise the benefits of your yoga practice:

  • Eat a light vegetarian meal 1-2 hours before practice. This will give you enough fuel for physical postures while not making you uncomfortable during twists and inversions. Vegetarian food follows the yogic principal of ahimsa – non-violence towards all beings. Salads and smoothies are perfect.
  • Notice how different foods affect your practice. Does too much sugar make your joints ache? Do heavy fried foods make you feels sluggish and slow?
  • Avoid stimulants before class to help cultivate a calm mind. Save your daily coffee for after practice!
  • Use meal times as an extension of your yoga practice. Eat with presence – slowly and mindfully.

Give it a go! These modifications to your diet can be hugely positive if approached in the right way. Unsure where to start? This smoothie recipe is the perfect pre-yoga fuel.

Green Smoothie

what you need

1 cup coconut water or chilled herbal tea of choice
handful of spinach
handful of lettuce leaves
andful or parsley
1 cucumber, roughly chopped
1/2 a green apple
1/2 avocado
1/2 peeled lemon
1/2 peeled lime

what you do

Put everything in a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Top with nuts, seeds, shredded coconut and berries. Serves 1

greensmoothie2 copy