A few weeks ago I threw my mum a surprise party for her birthday. I sat down in a bit of a haze to plan what on earth I would like to feed to 30 hungry party-goers. This was the first dish that came to mind. It’s quick and easy to prepare and everybody absolutely loves it. Second serves are common and leftovers are not. The fresh veggies are so crunchy and light and pair so well with the saltiness of the tamari and sweetness of the sultanas. This recipe makes a perfect side dish, but could also be eaten as a main meal.


Why Brown Rice? 

When we buy white rice we are buying only the endosperm – the rice grain with the bran and the germ removed.  White rice typically contains carbohydrate and a small amount of protein.

On the other hand, brown rice still has the whole grain intact – the endosperm, bran and the germ. Whilst brown and rice white are comparable in terms of calories, and macronutrient content (carbohydrate, fats and protein) brown rice is much more nutrient dense in terms of micronutrients. The  rice bran and rice germ contain fibre, essential fatty acids, B group vitamins, zinc, iron, vitamin E, antioxidants and trace minerals.


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Crunchy Brown Rice Salad

2 cups brown rice, soaked, rinsed and cooked

3 stalks celery

2 carrots, grated

1 red capsicum

1 cucumber

½ red onion

⅓ c sultanas, soaked for about an hour

⅓ c pepitas

⅓ c slivered almonds

Coriander – to serve

2tbs extra virgin olive oil

2tbs tamari

2tbs apple cider vinegar


What you do

Lightly toast the pepitas and slivered almonds and set aside.
Mix together your pre-cooked brown rice in a big serving bow with grated carrots, soaked and drained sultanas, tamari, olive oil and apple cider vinegar.  Add finely diced capsicum, red onion, celery and cucumber and chuck it in with the rice. Give the whole thing a big ol’ stir through.
Serve topped with the pepitas, almonds and fresh coriander.


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