Detox Salad

By |September 21st, 2015|DRESSINGS + DIPS, MAINS|

When it comes to your health and glow the liver is key. The liver keeps our vitality high, skin clear, hormones balanced and digestion in check. It works round the clock to help us excrete pesticides from our food, old hormones we no longer need and even stored body fat. Amazing! We detoxify 24 hours [...]

Cauliflower Pizza Base + Lemon Basil Oil

By |June 5th, 2014|DRESSINGS + DIPS, MAINS|

After many attempts (and failures) I have decided that making cauliflower pizza is a fine art. The balance of ingredients has to be pretty spot on, otherwise you are left with cauliflower mush. Luckily for you, today's recipe has yielded consistently awesome results. The base looks like the real deal, slices and holds together perfectly [...]

Roast Capsicum, Zucchini + Green Pea Salad

By |April 3rd, 2014|DRESSINGS + DIPS, MAINS|

This salad is a brightly coloured wonderland for your senses, a combination of fragrant roast capsicum with  crunchy zucchini and sweet green peas, all topped off with a hit of lemon and fresh mint. Go forth and cook! Roast Capsicum, Zucchini + Green Pea Salad  What You Need 3 capsicums (I used red, green and [...]

Sweet Potato Chips + A Lighter Guacamole

By |March 26th, 2014|DRESSINGS + DIPS, SNACKS|

Sometime life just calls for a heaping bowl of chips with lashings of guacamole. 'Why lower fat?' you may ask. Well for no particular reason other than it tastes darn good. I'm certainly not afraid of a little (or a lot) of the Good Fats. This recipe is lower fat simply because: You get to eat [...]

Green Tomato, Mango + Chilli Sauce

By |February 19th, 2014|DRESSINGS + DIPS|

This is one of those wonderful seasonal recipes – summer is coming to a close and sun ripened tomatoes are in abundance. Making and preserving your own tomato sauce is quite simple and ensures a delicious supply of sauciness throughout the year. You will need about 2.5 – 3kg of tomatoes for this recipe so [...]

How To: Raw Zucchini Pasta + A Basil Kale Pesto Recipe

By |November 12th, 2013|DRESSINGS + DIPS, MAINS|

Warmer weather always has me craving zucchini pasta. Its light, crisp and a heap of fun to make (and eat). I personally follow a gluten free diet, which rules out conventional pasta. However by making my ‘pasta’ from zucchini I can happily avoid the gluten-free pasta alternatives, which are often expensive and highly processed. This [...]